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No more Poo for Me!!


So lets just be clear I am talking about No SHAMPoo before we to any further . . . no digestive issues for me 🙊

I have tried the no-poo method of hair cleaning before and not been impressed. just didnt like how my hair felt and it never felt that clean like heir was still a later of soap on my hair . . . I’m not going to name products I dont like as I’m all about spreading live and light not throwing shade but this Friendly Soap Company know whats up!!

I was lucky enough to get this in my goody bag from The Really Good Box at the Free From Festival in Bristol last weekend (Big Up @freefromevents)

And So last night after an inspiring conversation with a local health guru after teaching my beautiful yoga class I decided to try out some of the goodies I got one of them being this lovely hair soap 👍🏼

I just rubbed the bar over my hair a few times, then lathered up like usual and it is luxuriously foamy, also used the suds to wash my body as they smelled soooo nice.

When I rinsed it out my hair was ”squeaky clean” (opposed to the coated clean you get with bottled stuff) but then I rinsed my hair with a 50:50 mix of ACV and water

(Apple Cider Vinegar is a staple in the ”product-free household - I will write a whole different post in that magical ish!)

I shook up the jar and poured it on, massaged it in to my scalp and washed it out and it was soft again 💁🏼

Did I smell like a chip shop?

Nope! I rinsed it out good and proper and the smell of the rosmary from the soap came through.

Expecting to wake up with a head of straw but wanting to see what would happen I slept on iit damp, no serum, no coconut oil, no nothing and this is what I woke up to 🙌🏻

Whoop whoop 🙌🏻

I’m gonna try it for the next week and see what happens

I wash my hair daily as I am always doing something hot and sweaty and so if I can reduce my plastic through not buying bottles of hair stuff and still have cute curls then I am one happy 🐰💕

I’ll update in a week but for now soap and vinger for me xxx

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