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Be Real and Release

I cannot believe the timing of this moon in my life, but then let’s be honest I really shouldn’t be surprised as astrology is a reflection of life and life a reflection of the skies;

As Above, So Below. As Below, So Above.

But yeah if you’ve been running a round like a crazy fool trying to keep everybody happy, spending far too long in your head and worrying about how to make it all work

THIS FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS is here to say CHILLLLLLL out. Not the easiest thing to do in a heatwave, but still great advice.

It’s too hot to be flapping around after everybody else’s needs, and in reality the best way to help the most people the quickest is to make sure you are OK. Otherwise all those folks you care about are going to be picking up your pieces or dealing with your “fall-out” when you lose it.

Self Care isn’t Selfish ✌🏻

On the topic of self-care and heatwaves remember one of the best ways to care for your self is to look after our beautiful planet.

Be sensible with water and electricity use, don’t drive unless you have to as fuel evaporates and you will be using much more in the heat, never mind with the AC cranked up, and just try to do a bit less, stop rushing and start trusting 💫

Lizzie xXx

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