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Terms and Conditions

6 Session Packages must be used within 10 weeks of purchase

10 Session Packages must be used within 10 weeks of purchase.


Both Student and Teacher retain the right to cancel a session up to 12 hours in advance with

no explanation and no charge.

Any cancellations by the student within the 12hr period will be reviewed individually but could

result in an expenses charge.

Any sessions that are pre-paid but cannot happen due to teacher cancellation will be

re-booked as quickly as possible. 

The above stands for all studios/gyms/venues employing Lizzie for Yoga.

24hrs notice will result in no charge. 

Within 24hours, or no notice and no class takes place then an expenses charge at a

minimum of £10 will be applied to the invoice.


I appreciate your understanding and compliance with the above to protect both of our needs and ensure a happy and healthy working relationship to help you Find Your Flow.

* * *

Yoga is a lifestyle.

It is most effective and beneficial if it becomes integrated into your life

and part of your regular routine.

That does not mean we all need to follow the exact same lifestyle to do yoga. 

It is not a "quick fix" but you will most likely start to feel both physical and mental benefits

 from your first practice.

* * *

There are a bunch of different Yoga styles.

I am trained and regularly practice various styles of Hatha Yoga, including Rocket and Restorative.

We can use this foundation to build a safe, fun and satisfying practice for you both on and off the mat I just need to

know a few things, please see below.


Before your first session with me either email over or print out  copies of the docs on the left or for a more streamlined approach you can click the pencil on the right for an online survey that will come through to me.

Any concerns definitely contact me ahead of time so we can make sure we are keeping your best health in mind and make sure we smash your goals!

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