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If you've been to a class with me you'll know I love music

Unfortunately I don't have the facility to put music over my YouTubes but if you want to have one of these playing while you do a video, your home practice, some journalling, go for a run or in the car I'd love you to enjoy them and let me know your favourites.

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Music for Moonbeams

A chilled collection to inspire connected movement and time in stillness, reflecting and manifesting.


Yoga Chill

Chill tunes to help you move and groove to a calmer state for mind, body and soul.


Yoga Beats

A funky playlist with drums, bass and lots of tribal vibes to get you through your asana practice. 

._“I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. On the edge you see a

Full Moon House Party

A groovy collection of sexy sax & piano house transporting you to a beach somewhere!

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