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Stand Up Paddleboarding

One of my absolute all time favourite ways to get outside and enjoy nature is SUP. Not only is it great fun, its a good workout without being so hard you can't take in the beauty around you.

Its a relatively straightforward activity, with the foundation skills being quite simple, and then just strength, confidence, endurance and experience allow us to take it up the adventure scale. The all-over bonus points your body gets from constantly having to stabilize yourself and hold your balance is something that perhaps you don't notice happening but will strengthen you from head to toe for all other activities and daily life.

Fresh air and water are hugely soothing for me (I know I;m not alone) and being out in nature with out an engine, moving at a pace slow enough to appreciate it, and the freedom to look around is just lush, never mind the opportunity to leave the area better than you found it with some litter picking.

Despite the "anybody can do it" vibe having the right equipment and some initial guidance can really make a huge difference to your sense of stability and therefore your confidence and progress.

I personally adore my BlueFin board.

A UK company, always looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly,  they produce premium boards and accessories for a mid-market price.

I would highly highly recommend the CRUISE 10'8"


SUP Yoga Fun

It is 10 feet 8 inches long and 32 inches wide.

Comes as standard with pump, leash, detachable fin, 3 part lightweight fiberglass paddle and a really durable and comfortable to carry bag that is the best I've seen on the market.

I am 5'4"(ish) & 62kg and this is more than enough board for me for all my yoga shenanigans, but also fairly nimble and agile for getting around the canals and waterways I like to explore at home, and deals well with the waves out at sea.


My husband who is 6'1" also finds this board a great fit - but he doesn't do yoga!

I don't have any evidence of having Max (the dog) on this board but a Flat Coat Retriever fits nicely, albeit makes it a little more wobbly!

If you wanted a bit more board then there is a 12' and a 15' CRUISE for a longer board or a wider yoga deck BlueFin actually have a Yoga board called the AURA FIT 10'8"

Check out BlueFin HERE


If you shop through any of the links here it wont cost you any more but I will get a little Thank You from BlueFin for recommending you.

If you live locally to South Bristol and want to try my BlueFin before you buy let me know, I'd love to show you the Joy of SUP.

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