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It's Time To Harvest

New Moon in Virgo August 27th 9:17am (BST)

If you're reading this then you to probably also have an inkling that there is more to this thing called life than chance. So it is more than just a happy accident that this knowledge hungry, organised, grounded, communication focused energy falls right when most of us would have or even are going back to school.

It's time for harvesting the last years growth efforts and casting aside anything that no longer aligns. Searching out new wisdom and putting a plan together to take action towards your highest self.

Remember Earth Virgo, like a gentle mother, reminds us to nourish, nurture and heal ourselves. Sometimes the need to serve others can stop us from looking after ourselves or speaking kindly, the inner critic can be quick to pipe up and knock us down for not being perfect.

Take this moment to re-connect to Earth, to Nature, to Your true nature, analyse your inner voice and have a bit of a clear out of any yucky stuff. Then kindly grab your prettiest stationary, scribble down some plans and use the waxing energy of the moon to move forwards.

All my love

Lizzie xXx

p.s. I'm a Virgo, so to be this feels like my New Year, rather than January. Do you know what sign you are? Do you want to know what you are? Send me a message I'd love to help you learn a bit more about yourself.

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