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New Moon in Capricorn

Currently the Moon is beginning her journey from New to Full again

Starting in Capricorn she will reach Full in Leo on the 25th of Jan.

This Earth sign encourages you to be focused and take practical energy towards your goals and ambitions.

No mountain is too high, you just need to keep putting one "hoof" in-front of the other.

  • assess your habits

  • how are they going to impact your goals

  • develop your practice of discipline

I say practice discipline because nobody is perfect, falling off the wagon is not the issue, not trying to get back on, that's the thing that will affect us the most. Self-sabotage and negative words to ourselves are not going to bring a brighter better future. Practice being KIND to YOU and then to others, try to hold yourself accountable to any new routines you'd like to get in place but because they are for your greater good, not because you're a meany and need to punish yourself.

I'm right there with you; tyring to implement some kind of morning routine for myself so I am not dashing around in a mad panic doing the school run and battling with Oliver.

I'm awake between 4-6am anyways with Grace, and Tom's alarm goes off at 6am mon-fri SO I decided today I would get up and feed Grace and then do some bits for myself before Ollie woke up. I was getting up at 6:30 and then Oliver woke up. Did I get the quiet solitude I hoped for, did I do a workout or Yoga or anything else . . . Nope. BUT I did get to spend a bit more time with him, even if it was watching ROBOTS (O's new fave film think its 2005), we both ate breakfast and there was no panic battle because we were late, I had two cups of tea, both were hot, I washed my face and brushed my teeth and got dressed, I even managed to read Ollie 2 stories . . .

It wasn't quite what I planned, but it was still better than yesterday so I shall take it as a win and build on that for tomorrow.

I hope you can make a plan for some simple ways to improve your day to day routines guiding you towards your best version, but still remain gentle and kind to yourself.

READ ON for more new-moony bits




Every New Moon has a different flavour, depending on the sign the Sun is moving through at the time. This "flavour" is then further enhanced by the position of the other planets and astrological goings on.

How you feel during the start of each new moon-cycle will depend on your personal moon placement, both the sign and the house its in. There are 12 signs and 12 houses all governing different aspects of our life. Your moon is effectively your emotional personality, or how your emotions are expressed and colour the way you express your self, experience life and explore the world.

For example (very briefly) I am a Libra Moon so I am naturally quite balanced and harmonious, but indecisive, I am relationship-orientated and thus eager to please. My Moon is in my first house so it is very present in my personality.

Want to know about YOU?

Send me a message I'd be happy to do your basic placements just for curiosity (free)

If you'd like to go more in depth and perhaps add some Tarot into the mix for self-reflection then lets connect and make a plan.

My main GOAL for this year is to reconnect to me, and then to help others connect to themselves.

It lights me up, apparently I am quite good at it, and I will be claiming back some of my power from others projects and redirecting it back towards my own purpose and passions.

Resharing the information from 2 years ago on todays New Moon (Jan 11th 2024)

Remember even if you don't want to identify as Spiritual right now it's totally ok to read this stuff and allow some of it to peculate through. You ARE spiritual, we all all, that's why music gives you goosebumps, and puppies make your heart melt and looking up at the sky makes you feel something you just can't quite explain. It's all ENERGY moving around, shifting form, and re-arranging better.

But yeah no need to be labelled or to label anybody else

This is a total open and welcome space to be CURIOUS

Lots of Love

Lizzie xXx

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