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The Power of Dreams

As outlined in the above graphic, DREAM is a noun (a thing) an adjective (a descriptive word) and a verb (an action) . . . it can also have various endings to make it an adverb like dreamily, or a pro-noun like dreamer BUT that's enough of the grammar stuff!

My main takeaway from this English lesson is that a dream is a "thing".

There are many "things" like sound and light, atoms and radiation, friendship and love that even though we will never be able to fully understand or even see or touch them we know them to be true and real.

Why is it then that dreams are often dismissed as fantasy, unlikely to exist or even more frequently never to exist.

If your mind has been able to conjour up, through a combination of actual lived experiences and felt feelings, combined with imagination, this vivid thing, then it must be possible to exist in some dimension somewhere.

Now there are some things that are A LOT less likely to happen, like winning the lottery for example, but SO many people choose to use the fact that it would be dreamy to win, and so not likely to happen as a reason to not even buy a ticket . . . well isn't that a bit silly? If you don't buy a ticket then it certainly is not gonna happen, that is a fact!

Our minds are incredible things. I have had the most vivid dreams, not all beautiful, some hideous and terrifying, but none of them actually impossible, highly improbable, but not impossible. And so here's my proposal . . . lets use the energy we so quickly apply to dismissing our dreams in to just looking at them and deciding what truths, lessons and actionable elements we can take from them.

We've all had wonderful dreams of flying, breathing underwater, magic, romance, success . . . and while some of those things may not be for this lifetime we can still take them as a positive.

Personally my loveliest dreams have been when I have felt safe and content in my life, they are not so much dreaming of wanting more but rather a magnification and imagination-exaggerated version of my current state of contentment and bliss.

I have also had some awful dreams of terrible crimes, loss and horror, some of which I am the victim, some of which I am the perpetrator . . . again thankfully not a direct reflection of my reality (although perhaps watching crime series in bed doesn't help) it was a direct reflection of my current mental state of insecurity, depression, fear, anxiety and darkness, during times of great stress and pressure.

So yeah I guess my point is dreams don't come from no-where, and nor should they be discarded as nothing but fantasy either.

what does my dream mean?

why did I dream about that?

how did that dream make me feel?

what should I take from my dream to apply to my reality?

Just some of the questions you could ask yourself when you have a vivid or impactful dream.

Write it down as soon as you can, or voice-note it, or just say it all out-loud to somebody as often this in itself will highlight themes and features, but then don't be afraid to do some research.

Or send it to me? I'm more than happy to bounce ideas around.

Remember Walt Disney said "If you can dream it you can do it."

In my opinion goes both ways.

You could certainly lose your job, or have something awful happen to you or a loved one, but if you are able to confirm that Yes indeed it was only a dream, then I think this is perhaps encouraging you to check in and create some more appreciation for the things you do have, schedule some time for self-work and maybe a gentle nudge to reach out for some help.

If you're dreaming of more money, a tropical holiday, flying, then don't just discard these as make-believe . . . believe abundance and freedom are possible and spend a little time figuring out how to make it so.

Sometimes dreams are deja vu or premonitions, predicting the future, or returning to an exact moment that has happened before, but in my opinion I think more often than not they are an elaborate way to get you to look at your life and try and make the most of yourself and your time here in this body with this round of experience.

I'd love to know your thoughts on dreams.

Here is a little info-graphic I made for helping you harness your dreams.

A calm mind before sleep will be more open to downloads and messages, without the fog of anxiety and fear from the past and future. A calm and self-focused start to the day will encourage you to notice if there was anything important shared in dream-land last night that you are able to detect it.

I'll leave you with a poem from one of my favourite poets Wilder taken from the collection NOCTURNAL (you can buy a copy HERE and I'll get a teeny commission)

"a heart was made

to live in the dark;

maybe we were, too.

Love & Light


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