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Throughout time crystals have been thought to be a source of power and healing.

There is a vast number of different and beautiful crystals, mostly formed by huge energetic changes; volcanoes, tectonic movement, being buried under the sea . . . and this energy is harnessed inside the stone giving each one specific properties that can aid in various situations.

But with so many to choose from which one is right for you?

I was the kid who would go to the museum and all my friends would buy bears or dolls or toys, not me I would go straight to the rocks - always came home with a bag of rocks!

I found it so calming to run my hands over their cool smooth surface and marvel at how they changed colour with the light, and then got a bit deep and reflective and thought about how old they must be!

They filled me with wonder.

* * *

I was fascinated by semi-precious stone jewellery, and had quite a collection thanks to kind gifts and saving up my pennies. And when I wore it I felt good, it was pretty, but I had no idea why. During my teens and early twenties I was still drawn to the crystal stalls, and gemstones whenever I saw them but I was ‘far too busy’ with exams, technology and all the other stresses of “grown-up” life to care to find out why.


Having practiced Yoga for nearly 10 years now I have developed a keen interest into alternative medicines, the healing powers of herbs and other natural things, care and compassion for myself and the earth and just a general sense of wanting to know more, to learn about things I wasn't taught at school and to try things, not just take somebodies else's word for it! Crystals have been a big part of that.

I have made a selection bracelets with my

semi-precious bead collection, please check my Instagram and Facebook. Also please do contact me for a custom order, style, stone, energy requirement. I would love to help out.

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Pretty powerful

Gorgeous Gems to gently heal you

(Please not I am not making any medical claims here!!)

I try to always wear Turquoise or Moonstone bracelet, carry Rose Quartz with me and have it in my sight when I’m working.

Allowing myself to explore the possibility of crystal powers, taking care of the energy within and around us, exploring more into natural sciences has opened my eyes to how we can marry the "Science-Age" we live in now with the "Spiritual-Age" of old. If you look into it with an open and eager mind you might be surprised! I am by no means dismissing the amazing progress in modern science, and there is a time and place for medical intervention, but I am a BIG believer in trying natural remedies first and that prevention is the better than cure!

AND if nothing else wearing pretty sparkly things makes you feel nice, and feeling nice is the start of feeling awesome! Feeling good makes your internal chemistry happy and helps reduce any baddies that may be brewing or puts you in a better place to deal with it!

SO Yeahy!

Crystals for the WIN!

I hope you will find something relevant to you here. I have included all the semi-precious stones I work with most commonly, and then added in some other interesting ones.

My Favourites (in no particular order)


* “Stone of Changes and Wishes”

* Hope