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Yoga on the Fly ✈️


Travelling is great! Exploring new places, meeting new people & cultures, eating new food, feeling new climates, wearing a different wardrobe maybe . . . Getting out of your “daily routine”.

I mean that’s why we go away - to get away from the normal & experience something new.

But our bodies get used to eating, sleeping & doing what they normally do & it can be a bit uncomfortable as you try to settle into different timings etc.

Something I’ve found has really helped me when I travel is Yoga.

A “regular” practice helps you be more in tune with what your body wants & needs, so trying to keep some mindful movement on your adventure helps you stay balanced as you cross time-zones, state-lines & language barriers.

Learning to know when you feel tired, stiff, hungry, thirsty, jet-lagged, groggy & knowing what YOUR body needs to deal with this is important & not always as easy as it may sound.

Top tips (which I’m not claiming to have discovered, just really recommend!)

  1. DRINK - water ideally, but keep yourself hydrated, aeroplane air is dry AF & water helps your body keep cell function at its best, if your pee isn’t pale you’ve failed!

  2. TRY NOT TO EAT TOO MUCH - it’s hard when your awake for 27hours but try not to compensate with a tonne of sugar & caffeine (yep I’ve done that, you feel crappy!)

  3. SLEEP - take a neck pillow (or somebody you can lean on) and try & get an hour or so - definitely catch a movie but also try to catch some Z’s.

  4. MOVE A LITTLE (or a lot) - roll your ankles & wrists, get up, walk about, stretch your arms over head, stretch out your legs & hips. Be that annoying person that asks to get up every couple of hours - TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST that’s what they say in the safety briefing!

  5. If you can find one, pack a little massage ball or even just a tennis ball (borrow one from the dog!) to help roll out sore feet from stomping around the airport & opening up shoulders & glutes after lots of sitting/driving/carrying bags.

  6. I always travel in “yoga pants” or leggings or Lycra . . . Actually I live in yoga pants . . . But if you are a bit more stylish & chic than me still try to wear something that your body can breathe in - both for the sweat factor (gross) & also circulation- particularly in the legs. Tight jeans that cause restrictive creasing around the upper legs are the worst!! Allow your skin to breathe, your blood to flow & you’ll feel a whole lot better after your flight TRUST ME! ✌🏻.

I’ve included some pics of stretches you can do in your aeroplane seat (sorry they aren’t actually taken on the plane!) As well as a few you can find a bit of space at the back of the plane - you get points for every funny look you get from people wishing they were taking care of themselves as well as you - bonus points if you can get them to say “I should join you” . . . Don’t worry they almost 100% won’t!

You could totally do these in your seat without disturbing your neighbour too much - but if you want a bit more space jump up into the aisle and stretch your legs as well.

Depending on how long your legs are these may also be able to be done in your seat. I do but I am super short!

More yummy shoulders, if you don’t have a strap you could use a scarf or socks or whatever (but the infinity strap is amazing so maybe ask for one for Christmas!)

Love my spikey ball! You might wanna do the butt rolling in private 🤣. You might not!

Down on the floor, or in your room for the next few.

This fold is soooooooo good!


Safe travels xXx

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