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The Bottom of the Jar

I love nut butters!!

🥜They are just like the best thing ever!!

Currently #crushinghard on Cashew butter

I buy 1kg tubs of natural, no nothing added nut butters, and for about 87.3% of the tub (as long as you give a good stir at the start to mix in the natural nut oil that settles out in the top) it remains spreadable

However . . . There is always a little bit at the bottom that just won't go on toast or pancakes without ripping a hole in them

What do you do? 🤷🏼‍♀️

I have three really great ways to use it up and a recipie to share ⬇️

1) BUNG it in a smoothie -> banana, frozen blueberries, vegan protein, 200mls hazelnut milk, 'some' cashew butter and blend (add water as required)

2) USE it crumble mix removing equal amount of the chosen fat e.g. 1tbsp Nut Butter in - 1tbsp dairy Butter out (did this with homegrown apples and blackberries the other day


The creaminess of nut butters make curries extra uber unctuous (wow never used that word before?!)

Here's what I did but curry is personal so only given vague measurements as it's kinda "how you like it" kinda ting!

                     Cashew Butter Curry

Frozen Squash (you could totally use fresh squash or sweet potato)

Spinach leaves

Tenderstem broccolli (chopped)

2 tsp coconut oil

1 can light coconut milk 

Ground Cumin/Corriander/Tumeric (other spices are available!)

Cashew Butter 

Melt oil in pan over gentle heat, add spices to simmer and stir in nut butter until starts to break down and become "SAUCEY" (must be said in a silly voice!)

 -Add a little water if necessary 

Then add in veggies and stir

Once coated evenly-ish whack the can of coconut milk in the pan and stir

Up heat a little, pop a lid on and leave to simmer for 10-15 mins

Checking back in every now and then for a stir and sniff 

Mmmmmmmm smells good!

Once all veggies are cooked, pop threblod off for 5 mins on a medium high heat and let it bubble

Once reduced and little and piping hot all the way through letnit stand for a mo - I mean you just watched it bubble like lava let it cook a bit!

I had mine with brown rice, a couple of cashews and some smoked tofu but you can do what you like with it - whack chickpeas in it, chicken, have it as a side . . . 

Enjoy xxx

Let me know if you have any other great ideas for the unspreadables and how you liked this recipie 

Oh and this should freeze pretty good if you can't eat all of it

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