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Remove the Shackles

At approximately 4:30pm this afternoon (UK time) the Moon is FULL. This moon is known as the Strawberry, Rose or Flower moon, and is usually shown as pink. Strawberries are ripe, Roses are in bloom as are many other gorgeous flowers. It seems nature is at it's peak (almost, the summer solstice is next week) before heading back towards the darker, quieter months of winter.

Half - way through the year this is a great time to try and let go of all those self-limiting beliefs, any false stories you keep telling yourself that are holding you back, as well as having a big energetic clear out of things, habits, relationships that really don't serve your higher self.

I'm back on the moon wagon! Will you join me? I encourage you to look up tonight, here in the SW of England the weather is perfect for moon gazing, and I would imagine it's pretty similar elsewhere. As you gaze in wonder at mama moons beauty maybe consider these things, as she is glowing with Sagittarius energy for the next 2 nights.

All my love xXx

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