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Protect Your Light - Toot Your Own Horn

Below are some ramblings from my Monday morning dog walk

The sky was bright blue and completely clear, the earth solid with crunchy leaves and frozen grass, the birds singing busy about their day . . . and me just downloading stuff from somewhere up there into my head.

I'm not sure if it makes sense to anybody but me but if you felt any kind of way I'd love to hear from you

All my love

Lizzie xXx

Present Moment Gratitude is a Privilege

We must not forget this

Those suffering immense grief or trauma, let’s say you’re in a war-zone or your family member has died and you couldn’t see them because of Lock-down rules . . . It’s gonna be near impossible to see your current situation through those rose glasses, in-fact it might even be more damaging to just find the silver linings, and burying big feelings usually means they will just explode out later.

However for many of us we aren’t actually in those terrible realities so, once we reach a certain age; I’m going to say teens for the sake of finding a number, we can go back to previous struggles we have overcome and see how they have helped us grow and learn.

Again this can be a slippery slope, especially if your previous decisions are what’s out you in your current shit-storm BUT again for the majority which if we are truly honest, most of us on this platform are in (hence majority?!!) we have managed to boss stuff before, we are actually doing pretty well all things considered, and yes yes we could do a little more this and little more that but remember it’s the tooting of the horns and applause that help you push through the final laps of the course, so if you can’t hear anybody doing that for you,





It’s not any easier than any other habit tho at needs to be formed, they all take work

I’m currently teaching my son to brush his teeth and use the toilet, he’s got the teeth bit sorted as he knows he can’t have cake without tooth rushing, but he finds the toilet bit hard, even tells me so bless his heart, but he also gets so pleased with himself, goes and tells any other family members, says “well done Ollie” and remembers it at the end of the day

Honestly he is my actual little Guru, reminding me of the biggest most important things in life:

BE PROUD OF YOURSELF, for simply being YOU

You are your own special blend of stardust (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen + other elements) sent here to fill this time space with your magic

I know it’s hard

I see you

I feel you

I’ve thought about quitting to (more times than I care to say in these last two years!)

But until that light goes out, do your best to keep your flame lit, it’s doesn’t need to be a raging inferno, it doesn’t need to be constantly lighting others wicks, but just try and put your hands gently around your little fire, protect it from the winds of life and let it glow

I believe in you

I believe in me

I hope you can believe in you to

Self Compassion

Self Validation

It is our own responsibility to support ourselves

Of course others should not intentionally break us down, but it is nobody else’s job to carry us, they can maybe stop and check we are ok, help us back to our feet but we just build back our own strength, developing our own resilience and vigour for life.

The most selfless thing we can do is look after ourselves first


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