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Original Nutter

I have always enjoyed alternative things, food, fashion & friends to name a few things.

Due to rising concerns over what goes into our food, as well as compassion towards the beautiful beasties that share out planet, I have for the last 10 years been 90-95% vegan/vegetarian. I am lucky that I live in area where fresh, happy, healthy meat & produce is readily available, sources clearly labelled, kindest practices followed and a fair price to the producer. But what about if you dont? What if you have to shop at a large Supermarket?

Sadly when it comes to food you often have to pay a serious premium just to be different, original, healthy, yourself?

It’s infuriating, and I only ”choose” to eat/ drink that way, for people who are intollerant of certain ingredients its not a choice but a daily struggle!!

I rarely consume dairy anymore, one of the main reasons being I actually really enjoy the taste of non-dairy milks! However they all come in the hard to receyle tetra packs, have presevatives in them and are twice sometimes triple the price of cow juice!!

One of the main reasons why nut milks seem so extortionately priced is that dairy milk is actually severely underpriced due to farmers being hugely ripped off but thats a whole diffent kettle of proverbial fish!


. . . I make my own, to save money, save packaging and feel like the ”proper hippy” I always wanted to be!

Heres my most recent recipie using almonds, flax and hemp, tumeric and cacao nibs🥛

💛I enjoyed the tumeric milk gently warmed with a splash of maple syrup

🍫I used the cacao milk in my porrige and on my granola 👌🏼

Genral rules

  • use approximately 1 cup of nuts (seeds whatever) to 3 cups of water as your ratio!

  • if you have time leave them to soak over night, change the water, and then blend!

  • use a fine mesh bag, cheese cloth or seive - not a collander!!

  • keep it in airtight container in the fridge and consume within 48hrs (I dont make more than 1 litre at a time to make sure its fresh)

  • if you want the smoothest milk make sure nuts and seeds are skinless - or blanche them yourself in hot water - I can never be botherd!)

  • if you want super smoothe then double strain, and add flax or chia seeds to add a gelatinous texture 👍🏼


If you want to rewhizz your pulp to get a little more volume go for it just remeber it wont be as thick and creamy 🙊

Do you make your own alternative foods?

I’d love to know ☺️

Any feedback hit me up with a comment below

Thanks for reading 😘

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