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GENKI Yoga Mats


So I am a sucker for pretty things, natural and manmade, so when I saw the Gorgeous Spirit Wolf design of the new GENKI Yoga Mat, 3 days before my 30th birthday I just had to treat myself!

I hopped on Amazon, parted with a very reasonable amount of monies, and the next day it arrived! 

Super excited I opened the box and the first thing I noticed was how light it was,

second was there was a free yoga strap - always super helpful and doubles as a carrystrap to!

And then as I unrolled it JUST WOW

It's beyond beautiful #sopretty #geometric #spiritwolf

I obviously jumped right on it and did a few sun salutations. #testing

I'm not gonna lie at first I was worried that it's lovely soft top and thinner build would make it slippy. I was prepared to maybe sacrifice a little grip and comfort on my knees for this beautiful mat.

However as I flowed through my practice the soft and supple surface invited my fingers and toes to grip in, spreading and rooting down, and I was able to glide through transitions without any "sticky foot" issues. 

Perhaps if you suffer with knee problems you might want another thin mat underneath if your spending a lot of time on all fours or lunging etc. But for the occasional touch down there was plenty of padding

I would totally recommend this GENKI mats #highlyrecommended

There are three other gorgeous designs to choose from if your not into Spirit Wolf

And extra bonus points for Eco-friendly production from sustainable materials, 100% recyclable and biodegradable, no baddies like latex, toxic glue or phthalates So you can practice with a peace of mind

I just wish I had a reason to buy another one - I guess Christmas isn't so far away?!

GENKI Mats are currently on sale Get yours now for just £45 with FREE UK delivery!!

Want to see it in person? Come to a class XXX

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