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Release, Get Real & Re-Align

SO here it is, the first FULL MOON since the summer solstice, the turn of the year, the half way point.

Here is the practical, if not sometimes blunt, energy of the Goat Capricorn. Now this goat you may have noticed has a fish tail? WHY? Well this representation has many meanings, I enjoyed reading this google search result, and I like the idea that the fish-tail represents the often hidden emotional side of Capricorns. Capricorn and Cancer are opposite each other in the table and so when there is a sun in one there is a full moon in the other. Cancers are often known as the emotional ones, but perhaps the Capricorn seemingly "un-sensitivity" is actually just emotion masked by perfectionism. It's easier to be cold and shut off than allowing yourself to be open and exposed. BUT we all know that the best stuff in life usually take a little bit of discomfort and challenge.

Use this full moon to check in with the balance between heart and head, practicality and enjoyablity, physical productivity and emotional connected-ness.

While I was writing these slides I felt like I had been SEEN by mama moon, all the wisdom and energy that poured out of my fingers was exactly what I needed to hear (funny that?!) So I really hope you can make a few moments to have a read and see if you can't use the beautiful lunar energy to help move you into better alignment.

All my Love

Lizzie xXx

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