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Cool Calm and Connected


How we feel is a very personal thing. While it can be irrational or illogical to have certain feelings, they are never "wrong". Being able to feel the feelings, hear the message and then take aligned action is probably the most important skill we can learn, especially in this modern world where we are constantly being bombarded with stimulus of all kinds from all angles. There has been a huge rise in people seeking out "numb-ers" in all forms whether it be drugs, distractions or other dangerous methods but really our greatest strength lies within us. Our ability to process and proceed, our resilience and our ability to reflect, our ability to forgive for our own sense of freedom. All this emotional intelligence is innate, yet we are very often steered away from being intuitive and so find it hard to "go in" and much easier to "block out".

This new moon in Cancer invites you to be courageous and slow down enough to hear the voices of your soul and find out what they need, to align you with YOU, to nourish those skills and personal wisdom's that only you can have as no body else is you, or ever will be you. You have lived this life for a reason and are here NOW for a reason. It's all inside if we can just get off the whirling roundabout long enough.

If you would like to get going with the Moon this month then remember I have created a journal prompt sheet for you to use. You can grab yours here and then use them each month to get aligned.

If you were EVER going to give the moon a little more time NOW would be it.

The moon is most at Home in Cancer. Its her sign. New Moon is on June 29th around 4am (BST).

If Cancer is your sun, rising or moon sign then this will be perhaps a bigger energetic deal for you. If you want to find out where Cancer is in your birth chart, or the Moon, or what to focus on this month then please do drop me an email.

I would be honored to do a birth chart or tarot reading for you.

Remember whether in Sunlight or Moonlight it is your inner light the universe wants to see

Shine Bright

Love Lizzie xXx

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